Pharmaceutical Industry

Did you know:

  1. Artificial Intelligence in pharma refers to the system of interconnected and automated technologies in the biotech industry which can function autonomously, with little or no human intervention. Despite being years away from making its greatest impacts, AI is already making biotech executives across the board excited. In fact, all of the 10 so-called Big Pharma companies have either expressly collaborated with or acquired Artificial Intelligence technologies to take advantage of the opportunities AI brings to the table?
  2. Every year since 1982, the pharmaceutical industry has been the most profitable. In fact, it has averaged 3 times the return on revenue more than the average return from any other industry represented in the global Fortune 500?

bitYes proposes the Zenon Pharma Edition application, the automation solution that not only complies with all the regulations specific to the Pharmaceutical industry, but also allows the efficient operation of the production facilities.
With the help of more than 300 Zenon communication protocols it can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures.
Zenon allows for safe production that meets international standards, such as:

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • GAMP Software Category 4
  • ISA-88
  • Parameterization instead of programming
  • Efficient validation

The basic features of the application are the following:

  • Batch Control
  • Graphic reports and tables for analysis
  • SQL
  • Management of production recipes
  • Zenon Logic, IEC 61131-3 based PLC logic

What do you gain if you implement the application of Control, monitoring and reporting of pharmaceutical production?
Projects configured according to the GAMP Software Category 4 standard are easy to manage with integrated functionalities, such as:

  • Audit trail
  • Safe control, with an easy-to-use interface and adapted to the specifications of good practices for the production of each client
  • Alarms and events management
  • Electronic records and electronic signatures

What do you lose if you do not implement the application of Control, monitoring and reporting of pharmaceutical production?

  • What you do not monitor you cannot control
  • You will not be able to generate reports specific to the pharmaceutical industry required for audits
  • You will not benefit from an application with references in the field and meeting international pharmaceutical standards

PLC in production processes

Hugh Jack, Automating Manufacturing Systems with PLCs