Projects offered by bitYes:

BMS, SCADA, Remote management – Applications that enhance real-time monitoring of status and process parameters, utilities, energy consumptions, but also local or remote control of them. Also, the applications provide possibilities for archiving and reporting through graphics or spreadsheets, and the data is exported in an editable standard format: SMS, email, web server, SAP, SQL, etc.
Pumping, ventilation, compressors – Applications of electric drives with variable speed and variable torque, for running in optimal parameters and for precise control of the process parameters: pressure, flow, temperature, humidity etc. Benefits included: reducing the consumption of energy, cutting electrical and mechanical shocks.
Upgrading machines – Applications for upgrading the electrical part of machines as drawing mills, drillers, cutters, mills, lathes, rectifiers.
Ovens and dryers – Applications for upgrading ovens and dryers through automatic control of drying, hardening, treatment, sintering using PLC, HMI/SCADA, burners, fans, drives, sensors, safety and control equipment.