The real-time status and process parameters, the utilities and the energy consumptions monitoring and their local or remote control. Archiving and reporting in graphical or table format. Data exporting in editable standard format: SMS, e-mail, web server, SAP, SQL etc.



Programmable Logic Controllers with IEC611313 standard, that include IL, LD, FBD, SFC, ST, CFC programming languages. Flexibility in customized use of digital, analogic, input, output, industrial communication, position measurement or safety modules.


Frequency converters – Drives

For variable torque (pumps, fans, compressors), constant torque (conveyors, lifts, cranes, mixers, agitator, grinding or mixing mill, machines etc.), break or soft starter modules applications. Soft starters – basic start / stop or current control. NC movement control – servo drives, motors, liniar transport.


Sensors and traductors

Position sensors (capacitive, magnetical, photoelectrical, laser), distance measurement, movement, industrial image analysis, safety (Inductive safety sensors, Safety curtains and barriers, Safety rails, Safety relays, Safety controller), process sensors (pressure, vacuum, flux, flow, level, temperature), identification systems (RFID, Tags, barcode scanners), vibrations monitoring for motor / machine. Compressed air or water flowmeters.

Electrical Planning

Electrical planning in automation and electrical engineering
Certified by ANRE (Romanian National Regulatory Authority for Energy) planning and Low Voltage execution.

Includes: Technical report, bill of materials, drawn and verified electrical plan, dimensioning and optimization of used equipments, cable journal, terminals list and other reports provided at client’s request.