Sustainability starts with the optimisation of industrial processes and the reduction of energy consumption. Profitability is a result of these actions.

With an experience of over 14 years in industrial automation bitYes can provide:

Smart Building Management

Increasing thermal comfort and not only, but also monitoring and reduction of utilities and maintenance costs.

Automatic control of production

Solutions for automation and improvement of processes and production installations: ovens, fans, electrical pumps, etc.

Utility control

Measurement, reports and the control and optimization of utility consumption: electricity, gas, water, steam, etc.

Preventive maintenance

Monitoring the machines, the status, and the technological process parameters, downtime and repair costs reduction.

Productivity Growth 

Implementation of increased security and productivity solutions, according to the specific regulations of each industry.

Electrical planning

Electrical planning in automation and electrical operations according to specific requests, but also project management.

Software and hardware solutions

Implementation of specific software and hardware solutions, at the client’s request, including the development of OEM applications.

Training and consulting

Training in programming: SCADA, PLC, HMI, frequency converters (drives), but also expert technical consulting.