We combine harmoniously and balanced:
specialized knowledge – bit – and positive attitude – yes – bitYes is founded on know-how and optimism, these 2 being the base for continuous development of the company and of the communication from inside and outside of it.

Together Everyone Achieves More.
We believe in collaboration and teamwork, and the team is more complete if it includes people from the inside but also from the outside of the company.

With the right attitude, we add value to the binary logic 1 bit = 0 + Yes.
We like to work hard, to offer quality products, to deliver projects on time and it is also mandatory to do so with the smile on our face.

The life of the companies and also ours is more pleasant when there are equipment and machines running simply and optimized, daily but economical and using energy responsibly.

bitYes offers products and services for process optimization and reducing production costs, for local but also international market.
The competitive advantage is given by transparency in offering project’s information, which includes technical details, source code, know-how.
Clients and partners of bitYes understand that information is valuable only if it is shared and they appreciate long-term partnerships.